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How do I get to the Bull Run Restaurant?

Click HERE for Directions to Bull Run.

How do I contact the Bull Run?

Our General Manager Bryan Sawyer answers all questions! We are open to the public Wednesday through Sunday from 11am. We have office hours on Mondays and Tuesdays from 10am – 3pm.  We are real people who answer the phone. When we aren’t able to get to the phone, we have an answering machine that we check daily. You can also send an email to Bryan directly at bryansawyer@bullrunrestaurant.com. The Innkeepers are George & Alison, and they welcome feedback at bullrungeorge@gmail.com.

Bull Run Restaurant  215 Great Road/PO Box 1228  Shirley, MA 01464  978-425-4311  Toll Free: 877-536-7190

What are the hours of operation for the Bull Run?

Lunch & Dinner:  Wed - Sat, 11AM - 10PM 
Sunday Brunch: 10AM - 2PM
Sunday Dinner: 2PM - 10PM

Office Hours:  Monday - Friday, 10AM - 3PM


Do I need to make reservations?

We strongly recommend reservations. Please call us at 978-425-4311

You can also make lunch of dinner reservations through Open Table. Go to our home page & click on the red button on the bottom of the home page that says RESERVE A TABLE.

If you are coming to a show, when you buy your tickets you automatically have dinner reservations in the room where the show is. However your ticket price does not include your meal - you pay for that separately.

If you prefer to eat in our Tavern rather than the room where the show is, you DO need to make reservations.

Dinner and show?

All of our concerts are a la carte. When you purchase tickets, you will be asked to choose between “Show Only” and “Show and Dinner Reservations”. This is NOT binding. It’s only there so our chefs can get a rough idea of how many people may be eating. If you check Show Only, you can still eat if you get here by 6 or 6:30pm. And likewise, if you choose “Show and Dinner Reservations” you are not required to eat.

PLEASE NOTE: Your ticket purchase does NOT include the cost of your meal. 


When you reserve a ticket for a show, you will be given our Concert menu and depending on the size of the show, our Pizza menu and you automatically have dinner reservations in the room where the concert takes place.

You have the option of eating in our Tavern in advance of the concert but you DO need to make a reservation to eat there. Your seats at the concert will be saved until show time if you opt for the Tavern. The menus in our Tavern are more extensive. You can see all menus including Concert vs. Dinner (Tavern) on our website here: http://www.bullrunrestaurant.com/Bull_Run_Restaurant/Menus.html

The Bull Run is a full service restaurant.
To view all our menus, go HERE.

Please note that your ticket price does NOT cover the cost of whatever you eat and drink. You will notice that the “Show Only” and “Show and Dinner Reservation” are the same price. We ask simply to give our Chef an idea of how to best prepare the kitchen. 


It looks small from the road, but the Bull Run has a 200-space parking lot on both sides of our Covered Bridge. Parking across the bridge is well lit private property for Bull Run patrons only.


The Bull Run is a NON-SMOKING venue. We have outdoor areas designated for smokers. We ask that you deposit your cigarette butts in the buckets provided rather than leave them on the ground.


YES we have an ATM in our Gift Shop at the front of the building. 


All of our rooms at Bull Run are wheelchair accessible, except for the upstairs Ballroom, Noble Room & Chimney Room. For Sawtelle Room & Tap Room/Lounge, enter through our front door ramp. For events in our Studio Room, Garden Room, or Patio, please enter through the Sawtelle entrance in the back, across from our Covered Bridge. There are accessible mens & ladies rooms on every floor.


Can you tell me something about the history of the restaurant & the building?

Alison & George have owned the Bull Run since 2010. The Bull Run has been in Alison’s family since 1946 when her father, Lee Guercio, Sr. & his wife Mary lived above the Tavern and ran the restaurant. The oldest room in the house is called The Early American Room, followed by the Tap Room. Lee & Mary added The Sawtelle House in 1971 to accommodate their growing business. From 1990, when Lee passed, Alison’s brother Chip & his wife owned & operated Bull Run. The restaurant is now managed by the 3rd generation of the family and we all work together with various nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, cousins, in-laws, and even a few outlaws. We’re proud of our staff and their commitment to the business. Visit the Archives page on our website for more photos & history. For more information on the history of the Bull Run, please click HERE


How should I dress to visit the Bull Run?

The Bull Run is a 200-year old tavern, and therefore oozes charm and casual elegance. Our Tavern was for many years a stagecoach stop on the road from Boston to Albany. When the tired and thirsty travelers stopped in from their long, dusty ride, they looked forward to relaxing in front of our fireplace with their boots off. To this day, we believe in what we call “Boots Off Comfort” for our patrons. There are several different rooms at Bull Run; we often have more than one event going on in different rooms on the same night, so you will see everything from wedding gowns and dressed-up family occasions to shorts & polo shirts and the local sports teams. We are truly a “Public House” - a place where the community gathers. We want you to be comfortable and suggest appropriate dress that is presentable for a night out at a nice venue. For photos of our various rooms, please go HERE


What kind of food does the Bull Run serve?

The Bull Run is a farm-to-table restaurant with 7 different menus that change seasonally. Our Executive Chef Isaac Carter uses only the finest ingredients from area farms and we buy from the local farmers whose names are listed on our menus.

Our 7 menus are: Dinner, Lunch, Starters, Pizza, Concert, Sunday Brunch & Kids. We also serve ice cream outside on our upstairs patio called Obadiah’s and have a 2nd outdoor Patio called Arthur’s Garden.

You are welcome to buy a sundae or coffee inside and take it out to our patio!

On Wednesdays we have a special “Tapas” Menu or small plates to share.

What kind of beer do you serve at Bull Run?

The Bull Run is a full service restaurant with full bars in most rooms. We serve several local brews on tap, including The People’s Pint, brewed in Greenfield, MA, and many different Wachusett Ales, also brewed in Massachusetts. Other beers on tap include a seasonal Sam Adams, Yeungling, Miller & Bud Lite and a rotating list of others. We have all the most popular bottled beers. We also serve Angry Orchard’s Hard Apple Cider, which is gluten free AND we have Guinness on Tap because we firmly believe that Guinness is Good for You!


What form of payment do you accept?

The Bull Run accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Gift Certificates, Travelers Checks, and Good Old-fashioned Cash. If we know you, we’ll take a check, but we only know a few people.


We can easily do separate checks but we require you to tell us in advance of your meal that you prefer the checks separately.


Does the Bull Run offer Gift Certificates?

Yes, you can purchase a gift certificate for concerts or meals. Order Gift Certificates online HERE.
You can also stop by the restaurant or call 978-425-4311 to purchase a gift certificate.


I purchased tickets and now have a conflict. Can I get a refund?

There are 3 important things to know about buying tickets to Bull Run shows:




You must provide your telephone number & email address to receive confirmation of your ticket purchase.

If a show is cancelled and rescheduled, we will honor your ticket for the make-up date.

To pick up your tickets at the door, we will require the ID and credit card of the purchaser.


I am a member of the media and need more info. Who can I speak with?

Most background information is available on our website. We are happy to do interviews for the restaurant, and often can arrange interviews with the talent that we showcase for media. Please contact the restaurant directly, or send an email to bullrungeorge@gmail.com. Please include your name, contact info, and specifics on what you are interested in. We respect your deadlines and will promptly respond!

And see our Menus HERE

And read our History HERE


At times we are able to set aside seats at shows for media. All arrangements MUST be done in advance through our General Manager or the owners. We require proper credentials of your media affiliation.

Can you add/remove my name from the Bull Run mailing list?

We respect your privacy. Please send an email asking to be added or deleted from our email list to bullrungeorge@gmail.com. The Bull Run will never sell or share your information with any third party.

What time do the doors open for concerts?

Doors open for most shows at 6pm for dinner prior to an 8pm concert. Concerts on weeknights are often at 7:30pm with a 5:30pm dinner. The Tap Room is open all day and you can always have a drink in our Tavern bar prior but we strongly recommend you reserve a spot on weekends. Please check to make sure you know which room your show is in! We have two Concert venues - the 300 seat Sawtelle Supper Room and the 65 seat Ballroom above the Tavern.

Can I buy tickets at the door?

IF there are tickets available on day of show, you can buy them at the door.

PLEASE NOTE: Ticket prices are higher at the door on the day of the show and may not always be available. All ticketing fees apply.

We prefer you buy in advance, so we know you are coming! But if you come last minute, we will do our best to accommodate you if seats are still available. You can buy tickets in advance during regular business hours at our front desk, by calling, or by going online. Please note: The same service fees apply whether you buy online, in person, or by phone, and we cannot guarantee tickets day of show. There are NO REFUNDs.

What if I want to change my seats after I’ve bought my tickets?

There is a $5.00 fee per ticket to make seat changes. Seat changes are not always possible.

The Sawtelle Room seats just 300 and there are no obstructed views. The Ballroom seats 65 with no obstructed views.

Can I choose my seats for the concerts?

Some shows have general seating, but most have reserved seating. By buying a ticket, you have reserved your seat. Click on the show you want to see to find out whether you can choose your own seats. You will see a map and be able to choose the number of tickets at available tables. If a table is NOT available, when you scroll over it, it will say SOLD OUT. If a show is general seating, nothing will happen when you scroll over the map. Please note, the Sawtelle Room seats just 300 people, and there truly are no bad seats or sight lines.

There are only 2 of us but the tables are all for 8 on the Concert seating map. Why?

All tables for the Concerts are set for 6 or 8 people, and it is likely you will be sitting with other people at your table. While you choose your table when you buy tickets, the actual seat at that table is first-come, first-served.

Can I take pictures and/or record the show?

Most of our artists prefer that you NOT take flash photos or record them unless you have specific legal authority to do so. Please respect the artist’s wishes during the performance.

Is the Bull Run Concert Series menu different from the restaurant menu?

Yes. We have a special Concert menu that changes seasonally. However you are welcome to eat in our Tavern restaurant in advance of the concert. Once you are ticketed, your seats will be saved until show time in the room with the show. Just let us know which room you prefer to eat when you make your reservation.

PLEASE NOTE: Your ticket purchase does NOT include the cost of your meal.

The Bull Run is a full service restaurant.
To view all our menus, go HERE

Can I eat during the show?

Most people eat before the show, and work on dessert and drinks during the concert.

Doors generally open at 6:00pm for an 8pm show on weekends.
Weeknight shows generally start at 7:30pm and doors open at 5:30pm.
Most shows start at 8:00pm if there is an opening act, and closer to 9:00pm if there is a headliner only.
Dinner reservations any time between 6:00 and 7:30 are recommended. Leave yourself a little extra time if you prefer to dine in our Tavern which has a more extensive menu. Reservations are strongly suggested and can be made directly from the home page of our website (click the button at bottom that says Reserve A Table) or by calling us directly at 978-425-4311. Please note we require your email & phone number for confirmation.

What if I have special dietary needs?

The Bull Run has numerous items on the menu that are gluten free. They are all clearly marked with a little GF next to the menu item. We are also vegetarian friendly and make a tasty homemade veggie burger among other choices. We are happy to accommodate you if you give us a call and let us know IN ADVANCE of any requests beyond what is already on our menu. We cannot always guarantee special requests without prior notice.


How will I know if a show is cancelled due to weather?

This is New England so we are not wimpy about weather & dress in layers from LL Bean. However, at times, we have to cancel a show due to inclement weather. If weather is an issue, you can call the Bull Run directly at 978-425-4311 if you have questions. We will generally update our website if we need to cancel and we make a point to call every ticket holder who provides their phone number in their purchase. We will refund or transfer your tickets with your agreement to another show if we need to cancel. When you purchase tickets to our events, you agree to all our terms for ticket sales.

I’m a musician - how do I get booked at the Bull Run?

For information on playing at our venue, please go HERE

Where can I stay if I’m traveling to the Bull Run?

There are several options nearby. For a full service hotel, we suggest the Devens Marriott or the Devens Hilton Garden Inn, both located in the next town east of Shirley. For more intimate and unique accommodations, we suggest The Howarth House B&B in Fitchburg, MA or The Lyttleton Inn, at 423 King Street in Littleton, MA.
For directions and contact information on places to stay, please go HERE.


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