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Share Your Bull Run Memories!

When Lee Guercio Sr fulfilled a dream of opening up a "little joint" called The Bull Run Restaurant in Shirley back in 1946, little did he know that three generations of family would turn his "little joint" into a cultural oasis in central Massachusetts continuing a history of great food, authentic atmosphere and legendary performances.


While the Tavern has stood for centuries, the longest running ownership has been in our family as we celebrate our

75th Anniversary as Innkeepers! To help in the celebration, we are reaching out to you – our guests, performers, friends and family around the world – for two reasons. First, we want to express our gratitude for being part of our story. Second, we’d like your help to commemorate this remarkable milestone by sharing your memories, experiences of Bull Run with us.


We would love to hear about your most striking memory, favorite thing or other personal description of what connects you to our shared history.  We are especially interested in stories and anecdotes which are specific to a particular time, place and cultural moment. If you have a memory you’d like to share, please feel free to fill out our form below.


Our Bull Run team will be compiling the responses into an online "book" commemorating this 75 year adventure.

In the process, we will create a Bull Run Time Capsule to be buried on our property with instructions to open it up

75 years from now!

Whether your stories are from the 1940s or the 21st century, we look forward to hearing your stories as we reflect on this storied journey we have been lucky enough to share together.

Alison (Guercio) & George Tocci


How are you conneted to The Bull Run?
What decades have you been part of The Bull Run?
Thank you for being a part of our history!