The Bull Run Refund Policy & Practices in light of the Coronavirus


This page is updated weekly.

To our patrons:

In light of circumstances we are diligently working to reschedule our upcoming shows. As the information evolves,

we will be updating our Concert page.
On this page we will list all the concerts that we are trying to reschedule but don't have new dates for yet.

Thank your for your patience as we work through this and strive to reschedule performers and employees while following all prudent guidelines as mandated.

  • Your tickets will automatically be transferred to the new date and you do not need to do anything.

  • We will both call and email every ticket buyer who purchased tickets & provided us with contact info.

  • If you are not sure whether you provided us with your email or phone, please contact our front desk: 978-425-4311.  

  • If for any reason you cannot make the new date once it is announced, contact our front desk. 

  • If you purchased tickets on behalf of other guests, please share this info with them.

  • We do not offer refunds for rescheduled shows. 

  • PLEASE be patient - we have a fraction of the staff we used to handling all aspects of service. We live in Shirley & our family business been here for 74 years. We're not going anywhere!

                                     Below is a list of shows which have been or will definitively be rescheduled:

  • The Kelly Girls: This show will be rescheduled

  • Lee Villaire Tribute - Pay it Forward: This show will be rescheduled

  • Dueling Pianos: This show will be rescheduled

  • Headliners Comedy: These shows will be rescheduled

  • Troy Gonyea: This show will be rescheduled

  • Albert Castiglia This show will be rescheduled

  • Willie J. Laws: This show will be rescheduled

  • The Response: This show will be rescheduled

  • Zach's Goal Fundraiser: This show will be rescheduled

  • Charles Sennott at The Bull Run Speaker Series: This show will be rescheduled

  • The Garcia Project: This show will be rescheduled

  • Chris Duarte: This show will be rescheduled



With all shows listed here we are either still working to contact the performers, their manager & agents to evaluate the situation or it is far enough out that we have not made a call to postpone. 


We sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to find new dates for these events as well as keep the 70 people who rely on us for their livelihood employed.  For tickets and future events: CLICK HERE

If you still have questions, contact us directly at 978-425-4311. Please keep in mind that our front desk can be very busy.

Mailing address: 215 Great Road/PO Box 1228, Shirley, MA 01464

For additional FAQ, please click HERE.