The Bull Run has five private dining rooms to choose from. For Thanksgiving, we are offering these rooms for small family groups to dine in comfort and privacy. The only people coming in or out of your exclusive space will be the staff who serve you, all of whom are required to wear face masks. There is a small rental fee for these rooms which includes 2.5 hours in the room, all linens and private service.

Guest minimums apply.


The Noble Room

Seating: up to 12

Room fee: $50

The Chimney Room

Seating: up to 8

Room fee: $50

The Ballroom

Seating: up to 25

Room fee: $100 

The Garden Room

Seating: up to 25

Room fee: $100

The Studio Room

Seating: up to 25

Room fee: $100

Please call 978-425-4311 to reserve. 



The Noble Room (top left), Chimney Room (bottom left) & Ballroom (top right) are all located in the historic part of our building

& require climbing a set of stairs from the front entrance.

The Garden Room (middle right) & Studio Room (bottom right) are fully accessible from the entrance across from our Covered Bridge.

All floors have fully accessible rest rooms.

Credit card required for room fee to reserve room. Room fees are non-refundable & guarantee you will be the only party in each room.

A 20% gratuity will be added to private room bookings.

Current Massachusetts Covid-19 rules allow us to seat up to 10 people in the same group per table & up to 25 people capacity.