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Where the Egopantis hath his lair...and the fireplace has roared for over 200 years. Our tavern dates back to 1740, and Bull Run has been serving the tired & thirsty traveler ever since.

Our Tap Room has been a gathering place for generations. Travelers by horse or stage coach sat by our fireplaces for a meal or a hot buttered rum. Innkeeper Obadiah Sawtelle, known as “the Old Landlord” made them feel so relaxed and welcomed they often pulled off their boots to rest bu the hearth. To this day, our staff specializes in what we call “Boots Off Comfort”.

We encourage you to enjoy the Tap Room’s rustic atmosphere including our 100-year old barrel tables from a long ago cooperage, our unique “Drunkard’s Progress” mural, our cozy fireside couches and horeshoe shaped bar where good food and good fellowship meet. We want you to relax in the authentic atmosphere of this centuries old Tavern. Farm-to-table lunch & dinner served ever Wednesday through Sunday, with nightly entertainment. Sunday Brunch served 10am-2pm.

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The Bull Run has been a Tavern for centuries and in my family since the 1940s. George Tocci and I met on the premises when he asked me about the title of the book I was carrying.

That first conversation led to a lifelong romance and the good fortune to be able to meld our passion for food and music in a place where we both have deep roots. 


For six decades, my brother and my father before him ran the family business. We took the reins on New Year’s Eve of 2009 and we now employ 94 local people not to mention an array of aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins, in-laws and even a few outlaws.


Our mission is simple: buy local; treat the staff and the talent like gold; support the local

events and institutions that truly create community; and bring world-class entertainment

to this rustic setting in north central Massachusetts.


We know the intimate atmosphere at Bull Run is one-of-a-kind and we sincerely believe our Tavern is lucky for love; maybe that’s why so many betrothals, weddings, and special anniversaries take place here as the decades roll by.


We love operating this multi-faceted restaurant, concert series and function venue.

We believe in smiling service and a relaxed style which we call “Boots off comfort.”


The tired and thirsty traveler has been stopping along this Great Road since 1740.

We invite you to continue the tradition as you relax in the authentic atmosphere of Bull Run. 


"Often copied, unsurpassed."

Alison (Guercio) & George Tocci

The Innkeepers

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