To book a show at Bull Run you should consider what we have to offer you and what you have to offer us. Are we the right venue for your style of music and are we located where you have a fan base or can build one? Will you have enough of a draw to make the event worth it for us and for yourself. We realize that you don't want to play to an empty room, and we don't want to pay for an empty room. It's better all around to be realistic about your ability to draw. Then we can consider alternative options.

We have three ticketed performance spaces. The Sawtelle Room holds 300. The Ballroom holds 70.  The Patio holds up to 80.

We also book acoustic acts in our Tavern. These are not ticketed and we book a variety of acts which we rotate throughout the year every Saturday night. We book acoustic ONLY in the Tavern as background dinner music, not as a show. 


For a feature spot in the Sawtelle Room you would need to draw a minimum of 75 people and come in for a percentage of the door.

For a feature spot in the Ballroom you need to draw a minimum of 20 people and come in for a percentage of the door.

For a feature spot on the Patio, you need to draw a minimum of 35 people & come in for a percentage of the door.

If you’re sure you can draw these numbers, we can start to talk about a guarantee versus a percentage of the door. 


Important considerations: We cannot book loud, electric bands in our 70-seat Ballroom. Our restaurant is situated directly below it. We prefer NO drums or bass but if that's an essential part of your band, drummers & bass players MUST play soft.  We don't like to do it but have stopped shows in the past if bands amp up during the set. Also keep in mind that our Ballroom is located in the historic top floor of our Tavern, and requires climbing a stairway.

Please contact us for questions on wheelchair accessibility for the top floor space.

Another option is you could come in as an opener for a band with a larger draw. As an opener you would not be expected to draw as much, but could benefit from opening for someone with a greater draw to increase your fans in the area.

The opening spots are normally 25 - 30 minutes in length. If you bring your email list you can begin to increase your potential to draw at Bull Run. Please note that headlining bands have to approve all openers - it's not up to us only.

We could also possibly work out a split bill type of deal where yourself and another artist or band with equal draw power share

the night. You would also split the percentage of the door but it would double your chances of filling the room.

And hopefully both acts would gain new fans from each others fans.

Another possibility is to contact Joe Graham at:  He books many indie acts in the Ballroom.

If Joe decides to give you a shot at a Ballroom show, it's a great way to get started at Bull Run.

After you have thought all of this through and have come up with a reasonable game plan for how we might have a successful night, send me an email at:  with a link to your website where I can listen to your music, read a little

bit about you and see where you're playing around the area. If it seems like we might be able to work something out, I'll get back

to you as soon as I can. PLEASE be patient. I really get a lot of emails asking to play and it just takes time to go through them

all and give them the consideration that they deserve. If, after 3 or 4 weeks you still haven't heard from me, you can send me

a little reminder. I will try to consider all requests. Most of all I appreciate professionalism in your communication:

that means please only send me short, succinct bios, high res photos, quality videos, a few decent music clips and the room you feel is most appropriate for your act: Ballroom, Sawtelle, Patio or Tavern


Bull Run Restaurant & Concert Series