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Step back in time and relax in the authentic atmosphere of this centuries old Tavern that was the first stop on the Boston-to-Albany stagecoach route along "The Great Road" in Colonial days.


Our Tavern is the heart and soul of Bull Run, and we encourage you to enjoy what we call "Boots Off Comfort." The fireplaces here were not built yesterday; they have roared for over 200 winters since the time that Shirley was a part of Groton, MA.


! The history of our Tavern and Obadiah Sawtelle dates back to 1740 and we've been serving the Tired, Thirsty traveler ever since!

We serve up seasonal New England fare and our Executive Chef' specializes in sourcing from local farms and purveyors. Dine at one of our centuries-old barrel tables next to hand sawn beams. Or, take a seat at our friendly Tavern bar, where we serve up local craft beers, classic cocktails, and a full wine list along with cappuccino and espresso.


We are open Wednesday through Sunday for Dinner & Sunday Brunch. Let us know if you're celebrating a special occasion, or require assistance in any way and we will offer personalized service.


If you're visiting us to see a show in one of our Concert spaces, dinner & drinks are served right in the same room with the performance. 

To see our concert lineup, click here.


Whether it's a family dinner or a glass with a friend, you'll experience a piece of history against a backdrop that cannot be replicated. Don't miss the “Drunkard’s Progress” mural painted along our Tavern wall, a viewing of the legendary Egopantis, or a visit to our 3rd floor rooms where "Nigel" our resident ghost has made his presence known.


Bull Run is where great food and great music meet an historic setting!


To see our Tavern menus and daily features,

click here.


Dinner reservations recommended: 978-425-4311.

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